The Amity Foundation's printing branch is the largest Bible producer in China.



We give thanks for:

  • the long and complex history of China, with its many artefacts, cultures and traditions that have developed over millennia

  • those who established missions and churches in the past, and the determination of Chinese Christians to contextualize the church here and now

  • those who boldly live out their faith, challenging injustices even when they fear persecution

  • the economic growth and development that have lifted many out of poverty

  • the steps China is taking to counter huge environmental challenges.

We pray for:

  • those left behind and further marginalized by rising economic growth, especially women and peasants in rural areas

  • the political and social tensions between the mainland of China and Hong Kong and the rest of the world

  • a growth in prophetic witness of the Chinese church in society

  • spiritual meaning and freedom from captivity to economic growth and consumerism.


God of many names
God of all peoples
God of China

No great wall
can keep you out

no great dam
stop your love flowing.

From mountain to sea
in paddy field and city
you walk with your people,
you see
In you
strangers become friends

and so

we weep for China's pain
sing of China's faith
pray with China's people
hope for China's future

Lord God of all people



Lord our God, 
Enlighten your church, 
That wherever it may be, 
It will never seek for its interests 
But will only serve you faithfully. 
Grant your church wisdom and courage, 
That it may break down all boundaries, 
So that humankind will become one again. 
In Jesus’ name.

(prayer text for 2007)

As they face this day, O God,
find those who are lost,
separated from those they love,
crossing unknown borders,
without a country or home,
not knowing where to turn:
Find them, God, who always seek for the lost,
and cover them safely as a hen covers her chickens.

As they face this day, O God,
stand among the ones in refugee camps around the world,
in the hunger and despair,
in the crowds and the emptiness,
in the wet and the thirstiness:
Be their hope and their strength
in the crying out for justice
and open the ears of the world to hear their cries.

As they face this day, O God,
may those who live with us,
uprooted from their homelands,
find a new home
where their history is respected,
their gifts and graces celebrated
and their fear departed from them.
May we be their home,
may we be the ones who open our hearts in welcome.

As we face this day, O God,
sing to us your song of encouragement,
paint for us your bright pictures of a new world
where people need not flee from wars and oppression,
where no one lacks a country or a home,
and where we are all part of your new creation.
For we long to be your people, in spirit and in truth.
We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ,
who knew the life of a refugee.

(© Christian Conference of Asia, Hong Kong
SAR, China. WIC pp.219-20)