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As the Francophone Christian Forum matures, the foundational methodology of such a platform, namely the sharing of faith stories while addressing common challenges and continuing to build new ecumenical relationships, proves to be a powerful means to dispel mistrust and build fellowship between diverse participants. The unique commitment of the participants provides, fosters, and nurtures a unique ecumenical space of encounter and engagement.

Concentrating on sharing faith and on witnessing to the transforming love of Christ, the Francophone Christian Forum inspires people and communities to not only commonly work and pray for healing and reconciliation, but also to address the urgent needs of our world. Our source is the divine love made visible in the crucified and resurrected Christ which  changes not only our perspective on all our relationships and widens the horizon of our interconnectedness, but also enables us to work for social justice and to condemn every action which affects the dignity of any human being. It is a radical call to all Christians to seek sustainable ways of working for peace, reconciliation, and healing on our pilgrimage toward unity. The guiding biblical verse “But I chose you” («Mais c’est moi qui vous ai choisis», Jean 15:16) of your meeting strongly affirms our identity as Christians connected with our call to “bear fruit, fruit that will last” (John 15:16). The Francophone Christian Forum bears already the fruit of cultivating a togetherness that challenges, but most important that gives hope to continue shaping perspectives for Christians and for the world.

We all trust, in times like ours, that Christ’s love can reconcile and unite us as churches and as humanity. The theme of the next WCC assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2022, “The love of Christ moves the world to reconciliation and unity”, expresses this trust and that the love of Christ compels us to be co-workers of God’s initiative and action for reconciliation and unity.

With this confidence, I wish you God’s blessing and inspiration in all your discussions and reflections.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca