Indonesians NIFEA letter 2023

Muryani harvests peanuts near the village of Kemadang, Indonesia. She participates in a local "food barn" coordinated by the village's Javanese Christian Church congregation. The project helps farmers impacted by the climate crisis to change their farming techniques and store their harvests in order to sell at more profitable times.

Like many Indonesians, Muryani uses only one name.


Today we live in a world where economics has taken precedence over all other aspects of life,” the letter opens. This thinking has elevated and disconnected prevailing economic systems from social and ecological life.”

The G20 is meeting this year in India from 9-10 September with the theme One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

The letter—signed by leaders of global faith-based groups as well as other organizations—expresses concern over the immense inequality across and within countries, and urges the G20 leaders to, among other measures, support a UN Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation.

Global tax discussions must take place under the aegis of the UN, where there is broad participation of countries and civil society,” the letter notes. A legally-binding UN tax convention promoting fairer and more inclusive international tax rules would curb illicit financial flows and tax evasion by multinational corporations and super wealthy individuals, and enable developing countries to mobilise domestic resources.”

The letter also calls for implementing progressive wealth taxes, as well as progressive carbon and pollution taxes, and for releasing developing countries from their onerous and historic external debts. Debt remains an obstacle to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals,” reads the letter. Today, over 3 billion people live in countries that spend more on interest payments on debt than on education or health.”

The letter also calls for guaranteeing fundamental labour rights. These are key to reducing socio-economic inequalities and will help to protect workers and their families especially in times of crises and transition,” notes the letter.

NIFEA Letter to the G20 in India from 9-10 September 2023 with the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

The New International Financial and Economic Architecture (NIFEA)

An Economy of Life for All Now: An Ecumenical Action Plan for a New International and Financial and Economic Architecture.