Photo: Stamatis Grozoudis/WCC

The loss of members of beloved family members in such circumstances, especially children and grandchildren, is a grief beyond the capacity of mere words to convey,” wrote Sauca. It leaves us silent and with endless questions.”

Sauca expressed deepest sympathy and condolences on behalf of the WCC fellowship.

We condemn the current armed violence in the region,” he wrote. Such violence always harms innocent civilians the most.”

Sauca lamented every life lost, Palestinians and Israelis, in Gaza, in Ashkelon, in Lod and elsewhere. “Armed conflict is never the right way,” he wrote. It only leads to further cycles of violence.”

The absence of those dear ones is immense and will always remain, he wrote. Every person is unique, precious and irreplaceable,” he wrote. And yet our Christian faith is full of hope and confidence. We are never alone. The Almighty is always with us and comforts us.”


WCC condolence letter