Filo Kaiser Tu-Faleupolu from the Methodist Church of New Zealand, plays a musical prelude on the piano as assembly participants gather for a thematic plenary focused on Europe, at the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 31 August to 8 September, under the theme "Christ's Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity."


Celebrating 200 years of Methodism gives pause for reflection, wrote Sauca. It calls us to take account of how we have lived out our discipleship and served God in the world as the church,” he wrote. How and in what ways has our witness been transformative, challenging and perhaps at times a stumbling block?”

Sauca also reflected on the Wesleyan ethos of never being satisfied with the way things are. As you reflect on the legacy and history of Christianity in Aotearoa, may you celebrate the different ways over the 200 years the Methodist church has adapted, wrestled, and changed in order to do justice in faithfully serving Gods call in the world,” he wrote. As you reflect over these next few days may you continue to find, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, new ways of being faithful to the word of God in a rapidly changing world and environment that continues to bring glory to our Triune God.”

Greetings to the Methodist Church of Aotearoa New Zealand on celebration of 200 years