CAID assembly

Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata, WCC programme director for Public Witness and Diakonia, Dr Nicola Brady,  general secretary of Churches Together in Britain and and Ireland, and Rev. Dr Susan Durber, Churches president from Europe. 


Durber is also chair of a new Theology Advisory Group for Christian Aid. I want to draw us, as we begin, into a moment of reflection on faith that we share,” said Durber. Christ is present with us in bread and wine and in the world with all its many demands.”

Durber also reflected that we have learned to settle for division. Those who preside at the church altar or table need to make it the place from which the whole world is remade,” she said. The world we are living in now is very different from the post-war world in which Christian Aid was forged and into which many of us here were born.”

Today, peace has not come, Durber said. In our times, people are more likely to cheer for diversity and difference than unity, for a spectrum of colours than for one equal light,” she said. We need the voice that reminds us of the things that are the same about all human beings, that diversity is not the opposite of unity but its raw material.”

Christian Aid stands for dignity, equality and justice, noted Durber. Around this table we are one.”

WCC president from Europe address to Christian Aid assembly 2023