With the gracious love of the triune God, I greet you on behalf of the WCC and the global fellowship of 349 member churches,” he said, adding his deep appreciation for the work of the Evangelische Mission Weltweit.

Your assembly takes place as we continue to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, closely related social and economic implications, and our deep concern for creation,” he said. These are days that test the sturdiness of our faith…and our love for God and each other.”

Sauca also mentioned the WCC and Evangelische Mission Weltweits  common commitment to ecumenical theological education, saying that the WCC and Evangelische Mission Weltweit share a legacy and a call to transforming discipleship in the service of our Lord and Saviour who came according to the Gospel…”

The agenda of the Evangelische Mission Weltweits assembly included discussion on both digitization and the upcoming 11th WCC Assembly, scheduled for 2022 in Karlsruhe, Germany. "Both are important to the WCC,” said Sauca.

In September, the WCC, in partnership with the Evangelische Mission Weltweit and others, hosted a global symposium on justice in the digital age. The symposium affirmed that politically motivated digital campaigns of fake news undermine democratic processes and responsible journalism,” said Sauca. As people of faith, we must work together to assure our digital landscape serves the unity of our human family, justice for all and integrity of creation.”