Photo: Paul Jeffrey/WCC

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/WCC

Twenty one million displaced people are trying to survive daily, while in need of protection and shelter.

They are searching for an opportunity, or a second chance to simply rebuild their lives and the global Christian community can play a huge role in that process.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency, UNCHR, believes that there is a duty to stand with refugees embroiled in an international crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

The world is seeing the largest number of refugees and displaced people around the world since the Second World War says the United Nations.

WCC member churches can play a vital role in welcoming refugees into their midst as the council brings together churches, denominations and church fellowships in more than 110 countries and territories throughout the world, representing over 500 million Christians.

It represents most of the world's Orthodox churches, scores of Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed churches, as well as many United and independent churches.

The UNCHR is calling for the support of faith-based organizations in finding solutions to the refugee crisis.

The #WithRefugees campaign seeks to amplify the significant work currently in place by networks of secular and faith-based organizations, locally-based faith communities and faith leaders who are experts in this field.

So, the WCC is encouraging its fellowship and partners to take part.

The #WithRefugees campaign expresses solidarity with people forced to flee and encourages governments to take action.

By signing the #WithRefugees petition, the WCC is asking governments to turn their commitments into action – and make sure every refugee child gets an education; every refugee family has somewhere safe to live; and every refugee can support their family and make a positive contribution to their community.


The UNCHR #WithRefugees campaign