Canoes in Islandia, a town in the Peruvian Amazon.

Canoes in Islandia, a town in the Peruvian Amazon.


Discussions unravelled the multifaceted work on evangelism rooted in local congregations. They also highlighted the importance of contextualizing when mission work is carried forth among Indigenous communities.

The group addressed difficult issues, such as the challenges of proselytism and the occasionally competitive mission approaches among churches in the region. Special reference was made to the need for renewal of academic theological and mission-oriented faculties.

The WCC hosted the consultation—held from 11-16 October—in partnership with Centro Evangélico de Misiología Andino Amazónica.

The consultation also instigated cross-South America channels of interdenominational cooperation for the promotion of Christian witness. In particular, it provided opportunities to discuss, analyze, and arrive at a comprehensive assessment of the new mission context in Latin America and its implications for the existing evangelistic training and formation. Emerging challenges were identified in an attempt to explore ways and means to overcome them, through action-oriented proposals.

Participants prepared papers outlining the existing situation of evangelism with an analysis of the ways evangelism is being addressed.