WCC GS in Indonesia

Rev. Dr Henriette Hutabarat-Lebang, from Gereja Tora, a Reformed church in Indonesia, WCC President from Asia, and Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay, WCC general secretary.


His remarks during an event of the Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa centered on the many interpretations of the Kingdom of God,” and how the church is ultimately called to offer hope even in a dark and fallen world. 

Mission speaks of taking the whole gospel, to the whole person into the whole world. This is the task of the pastor today,” said Pillay. While our task is to serve the local church, through them we are called to serve the local community and the world in which we live.”

Pillay was speaking directly to the role of pastors in the church and in the wider world. 

"What does it mean to be a pastor today?” he asked. In attempting to answer this question, I will frame it in one of the major biblical themes, the Kingdom of God, which in my opinion, is also a leading theme for the ecumenical movement.”

Pillays presentation then went on to show how the kingdom of God is a central biblical theme for the World Council of Churches. 

The ecumenical movement has considered the Kingdom of God as an essential biblical theme to support its work in the transformation of the world,” he said.  The understanding of the church as sacrament, sign, and instrument has led to a new perception of the relationship between the church and the world.”

Pillay also said that pastors need to know the real struggles of the people they serve. The real world experience provides the context in which we proclaim life in Jesus Christ here and now,” he said. Jesus is present and active in the existence and by the activity of the community that is created, moved, and enlightened by his Holy Spirit.”

Ultimately, Pillay concluded, the church is called to be a community and agent of hope in a dark and fallen world. It has this responsibility because of the good news it shares in the resurrected Lord Jesus,” he said. "The Resurrection of Christ is a constant reminder that pessimism is premature! Hope is always warranted. This is the mission of the church: to bring hope especially to the poor and oppressed in the world.”

"The Kingdom of God and the Role of the Pastor Today", by Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay

WCC, Indonesian churches share “a language of love and acceptance” (WCC news release 29 January 2024)