Candles in a globe-shaped urn burn at night outside a chapel in Egypt.

I grew up in a village in my earlier years as a child, and many a time I accompanied women—especially my mother—to church, to draw water from the river, and to the market to sell vegetables,” shared Abuom. There were times one saw a lady or a man simply overloaded with goods and almost at the point of falling.”

Out of nowhere, Abuom said, a person would appear with a bicycle or a person with a lighter load would help. Once this happened, a sigh of relief would immediately be expressed by the person assisted,” she said. Likewise, while the WCC transition has in many ways been a heavy burden to all of us, I personally feel blessed to walk, and work with each and every one of you, because of your care and willingness to pray and assist to ensure the work of WCC continues uninterrupted.”

The WCC executive committee is convening from 17-20 May, and if needed on 25 May, with a focus on preparing for the upcoming WCC central committee meeting, planning for the WCC 11th Assembly in Germany in 2022, and issuing a public statement on overcoming global injustice and inequity to defeat COVID-19.

WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, in his report, reflected that the global health situation remains disturbing. The pandemic seems out of control in places like India and Brazil,” he said. We continue to lose many dear friends and we are troubled by so much suffering.”

As vaccines continue to become more widely available, Sauca said that, more than anything, the WCC fellowship wants to be together for the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2022. We must remain full of hope that we will meet in Karlsruhe next year,” said Sauca. We must also continue to monitor the situation, relying on facts and the professional advice of health experts.”

Like Abuom, Sauca also expressed gratitude for those around him. I am grateful for your devotion to the WCC,” he said I am grateful for the dedicated service of commission members, advisory groups and our partners for their contributions and support. I am ever grateful to the WCC staff and staff leadership group for their tremendous dedication in serving the fellowship of WCC member churches.”

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