Bethlehem star

23 November 2022, Bethlehem, Palestine: A star shines over candles burning in the grotto under the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Jesus is said to have been born.


“Yet, as disciples of Jesus and as Christian communities united in Christs love, we are called to stand up to fear, counter falsehood, challenge selfishness and greed, and offer hope to the whole world,” reads the message. From where do we source such energy and life?”

The message reflects that the celebration of the birth of Jesus is our defiance of despair.

He is our light in a time of darkness, enabling us to live for the truth and to strive for the redemption of the world,” reads the message. Children of the light, we will not settle, nor let others settle, for a world lethally scarred by violence, seared by heat, or darkened by fear.”

The World Council of Churches shared heartfelt joy. We redouble our resolve to labour tirelessly with you for the health and healing of the sick, a fair economy, the well-being of migrants and displaced people, peace and security for all, the advancement of human rights and dignity, deeper community in faith, and the flowering of justice for women, for children, for the earth itself,” the message reads. So let us rejoice! The light of Christ promises to banish our darkness. May it brighten our spirits and warm our hearts.”

WCC Christmas Message 2023

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