The WCC COVID-19 support team

The WCC COVID-19 support team

The World Council of Churches (WCC) COVID-19 support team fielded a new set of questions from the fellowship, and has provided answers that highlight best practices.

The questions reflect the key concerns from member churches and partners all over the world.

The support team consists of nine people to consult on how churches can discern their roles during the coronavirus pandemic, how they can adapt as faith communities, and how they can connect and share with each other.

The support team is now addressing questions and pressing concerns from the fellowship, with more to be added continually as people and churches discern the way ahead.

New question this week include:

1. How can we stay connected with our ecumenical partners?

2. How can the churches support children during the COVID-19 pandemic?

3. Are displaced people and refugees more vulnerable to COVID-19?

4. Is hunger on the increase due to the COVID 19 pandemic?

5. What can we learn from the margins about resistance and resilience in the midst of a crisis?

6. How are we creating temporary space like “home” to those on the frontline, who were evicted from their apartments/houses/dorms due to their high exposure to COVID-19?

The support team remains available to answer questions from member churches and provide guidance at:


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Faces of help: WCC offers resource people to accompany during COVID-19 pandemic (WCC press release of 9 April 2020)