Denmark, Copenhagen; 12 December 2009..Re: COP-15 UN Climate Conference..More than 100.000 demonstrators marched from Christiansborg Slotsplads (the parliament square) to the Bella Centre, the main venue of the conference.

Photo: Peter Williams/WCC

Huggins joined others who are calling for more ambitious emissions reduction targets well ahead of the summit in November.

The letter reads: Can I urge that you include an Australian announcement not only to match that of the many nations already committing to net zero emissions by 2050, but also make vivid our commitment to real zero emissions asap?”

The term real zeroreflects scientistsrecent critiques that net zero,where ongoing emissions are roughly equal to carbon sequestered, wont be enough to avoid further climate destabilisation.

Huggins challenged Morrison to become an inspirational leader.

In humankind's history, what does it take for us to make powerful and right decisions that bring greater safety and well-being?” Huggins asked in the letter. Always the answer to this question includes, doesnt it, inspirational leaders?”