Bishop Arnold Temple at COP27

16 November 2022, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt: Bishop Arnold Temple of the Methodist Church, Sierra Leone, delivers a statement to the high-level segment of the United Nations climate change conference COP27 on behalf of Faith-based organizations. 


“We face an existential threat to our only home. We might come from different traditions, but we all share a common calling to heed the cries of the socio-economically marginalised and the Earth herself,” reads the message.

The statement highlights the urgent need for a swift and system-wide transformation of societies and economies to reduce emissions and build a liveable future for future generations.

“Changing our food systems through community-rooted and Indigenous farming and land regeneration techniques, for instance, have the potential to deliver rapid and sustained emission cuts.”

As people of faith, “only by working together as a global community – held together by values of compassion and justice as well as a profound understanding of who are neighbours are – will humanity find a way out of the accelerating climate crisis that is already causing tremendous suffering,” reads the message.

The statement emphasizes that different faith traditions “bring narratives that demand us all, decision-makers, faith and civil society actors alike, to act with justice.”

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