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Brunnen, a German word for “well,” will be a space for encounter and sharing, satisfying one’s thirst, greeting a visitor and welcoming a stranger at the WCC 11th Assembly, to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 31 August – 8 September 2022. 

Brunnen also has a spiritual meaning: a space that shows diversity, as well as existing and expected unity.

Although over 160 workshop applications have already been received, the WCC is still looking forward to receiving proposals from the Caribbean, Middle East and the Pacific regions, as well as workshops focusing on themes related to spirituality and youth.

Workshops, which will run for 90 minutes, should be developed for 25-50 participants to explore a specific theme. There are 100 workshop spaces available, and the WCC is welcoming applications from WCC member churches, ecumenical partners or WCC networks.

Workshops should help generate connections in the ecumenical movement, leading to empowerment and action to respond to one or more of the following five thematic areas:

First, “Spirituality: celebrating and praying together,” which offers an ecumenical space for sharing resources and reflections on how we pray, preach, and celebrate the sacraments on the ecumenical journey to reconciliation and unity. 

Second, “Formation: innovative ecumenical and interreligious learning together,” which centres on the importance of innovative learning in the ecumenical dialogue and movement, exploring diverse aspects of education and formation, including capacity building and empowerment.

Third, “Mission and Witness: community building and engaging in reconciliation together,” which engages with the call to discipleship and puts an emphasis on the communal expressions of Christian witness in the world.

Fourth, “Justice and Peace: affirming human dignity and addressing inequality together,” which focuses on manifold struggles to overcome injustice, exclusion and discrimination in church and society as well as social justice in a digital age.

Finally, “Creation: responding to the climate urgency together,” which highlights the need for economic and ecological transformation in churches and societies.

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To apply for a workshop, please fill the application form online, or download the pdf form, fill it in and send back to Application is open until 15 january 2022. Please contact for any questions.