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The Crossroads of Child Protection and Education in Peacebuilding

This study aims to document promising practices on child protection and peacebuilding and on how child protection programming contributes to peacebuilding and education initiatives.

01 December 2013

Protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation is integral to peacebuilding and reconciliation at national and community levels in fragile environments. UNICEF has a strong focus on creating a protective environment, particularly by engaging with communities (through local partners) where practices and social norms support peacebuilding efforts. However, there is little documentation of this area of work and a lack of clarity as to how the child protection sector contributes to promoting peace and peacebuilding efforts. It is also acknowledged that, while child protection programming is intrinsically linked to peacebuilding, there is little analysis of child protection programmes through a peacebuilding lens. This study seeks to address that gap.

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