The Romanian territory was Christianized in the first century and has always been a majority Orthodox country. It belongs to the east through its Byzantine and Turkish heritage, and to the west through its linguistic culture, which is latin. A sizeable Hungarian minority lives in Transylvania, and Romania has also a large Roma population (Gypsy). In a 2002 census, 86 percent of the population declared that they belonged to the Romanian Orthodox Church. Besides the Reformed and Lutheran churches among the ethnic Hungarians and Germans, there are Romanian Pentecostal, Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist churches, and an Evangelical church among the Gypsies. The Catholics consist of Uniate (Oriental Rite) and Latin jurisdictions. A council of churches is in formation through the Ecumenical Association AidRom. There is also an Evangelical Alliance, affiliated with the WEA.

Note: The list of churches present in countries/territories is still in development.