Maria Bzdigian

The commitment, passion, and sincerity displayed by these people was truly inspiring, as they embodied Focolari's motto of "all be one" in their actions, activities, serving, and way of life.

Upon entering the premises of Focolari in Montet, Switzerland, last June, I was immediately struck by the palpable sense of community that pervaded the atmosphere. The residents of this community were immersed in a life that revolved around their shared love for God and one another. Witnessing their unwavering dedication to this calling was both humbling and uplifting.

One aspect that stood out was the profound choice made by these individuals to take vows. It was fascinating to see people—and especially young people—willingly relinquish worldly attachments, leaving behind the conventional pursuits of personal success and material wealth. Instead, they embraced a life of simplicity, solidarity, and service to God and others. Their commitment to a higher purpose was evident in the way they interacted with each other and the wider community. They exuded a genuine sense of joy and contentment that stemmed from living out their beliefs in a concrete and practical manner.

Focolari's slogan, "all be one," was not merely a catchphrase or an empty mantra for these dedicated individuals. It was a way of life deeply ingrained in their daily actions. Their lives were a testament to the transformative power of unity, love, and compassion. Whether it was through their community outreach programs, organizing events, or engaging in reflection, they consistently sought to foster a spirit of togetherness and inclusivity.

The people at Focolari in Montet demonstrated an exceptional level of selflessness. They understood that true fulfillment comes from pouring oneself out for others. They generously gave their time, talents, and resources to serve, whether within their community or beyond its boundaries. Witnessing their acts of kindness and witnessing the impact they made on the lives of others was truly remarkable.

My experience at Focolari in Montet was an eyeopening encounter with people who had responded to God's call with unwavering devotion and selflessness. Witnessing their community, the vows they took, and their wholehearted commitment to living out the slogan "all be one" left an indelible impression on me. It is a reminder to us all that a life centered on selflessness, community, and devotion to a higher calling can be a source of profound fulfillment and joy.

About the author :

Maria Bzdigian is part of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches In the Near East in Beirut, Lebanon. She served as a steward at the WCC central committee meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 2023.


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