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Is God present - even amid hurricane’s wrath?

Rev. Kelli Jolly, like many Bahamians, is used to living through the possibility of multiple hurricanes, year after year. She serves as itinerant presbyter with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, Bahamas/Turks and Caicos Islands District, Nassau Circuit of Churches.

Weaving together personal faith and climate change

Although climate change is often thought of as something external to an individual person, it is interwoven with personal spirituality, as well. This was the conclusion of a panel of three faith leaders during a session at the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change held on 22 September.

Student calls for more age diversity in WCC

Eighteen-year-old Asha Smith has a vision for changing laws that lead to injustice. In some ways, she is just beginning her life pilgrimage. While studying law at American University in Washington, DC, she serves as a youth intern for the Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis (USA), her home community.