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Webinar helps define menstruation as “a matter of our daily lives”

At a webinar organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC), Norwegian Church Aid, and the International Partnership of Religion and Sustainable Development on 30 May, participants brought to light the challenges faced in Menstrual Hygiene Management and the role that religious communities can play to build a world where no one is held back because they menstruate.

HIV Stigma and discrimination revisited: challenging our ideas for the next phase of the HIV response

19 April 2023

This zoom round table has the objective of re-opening a deep conversation about HIV stigma and discrimination, based on evidence, and seeing it with programmatic lenses, in the context of faith and theology. The round table will discuss studies, current programs and theological reflections on the manifestations of stigma and discrimination in HIV with the aim to promote collective thinking to sharpen our response.

HIV stigma still not eradicated—but we can change our mindset

The HIV response has more than forty years now; timely and accessible medications are effective and ensure long healthy lives for people living with HIV. We have more prevention tools and strategies, we know much more about the virus, there are many organizations and websites with dedicated information; yet, HIV stigma persists in deep thinking, having serious consequences for the 38 million people living with HIV across the world.