The European Christian Internet Conference #25: "Church beyond the pandemic"

Annual European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC) will take place online Wednesday, 19 May 2021, focusing on the topics related to churches going online beyond the pandemic.

Cologne cathedral at night

Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany. 


During the pandemic most of the world have gotten more and more used to do almost everything online, from working to socializing with friends and family in a scope never before imagined. And the same goes for the Church - people’s way of engaging with the faith and each other have changed. In some ways perhaps for good, in others more temporarily. What lessons do we draw from this last year and what do we want to bring with us into the future?

This year’s ECIC conference is special since it is the first time it will be done in one day and online exclusively. Of course we will miss meeting each other in person, but on the other hand more of us can attend the event without the need to set the time aside for travel and a hotel stay. We have interesting speakers queued up and we look forward to learn more on the topics related to churches going online – due to the pandemic and beyond the pandemic.

When: Wednesday 19th of May

Where: Online, see more at https://ecic.mobi

Speakers and topics:

Andreas Droste, “Real Life Avatars and Digital Reality: Lessons learned during the Corona Pandemic and where Digitalization might take us”.

Ilona Nord and Thomas Schlag, “Churches respond to COVID-19: Ecumenical CONTOC study (Churches Online in Times of Corona)”

Heidi Campbell, “The Digital Church: Looking beyond COVID-19”

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