Opening celebration of the WCC’s Global Ecumenical Theological Institute in Arusha, Tanzania, 2018. Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation

WCC's primary advisory body for education, ecumenical formation and faith nurture.


The Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation is the WCC's primary advisory body for the area of education, ecumenical formation and faith nurture, which was identified as a central priority during the WCC 9th Assembly in 2006. The commission develops priorities and methodologies in these areas, and fosters networking, exchange and collaboration among ecumenical institutions and experts in the area of ecumenical formation. Taking into account the spirit of the assembly, the commission was integrated with the board of the Ecumenical Institute Bossey.

The Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation has thirty members from WCC member churches all over the world as well as six consultants from related partners, including the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.  On the commission, elected by the Central Committee in July 2014, men and women, ordained clergy and lay people are strongly represented. Twenty two percent of commissioners are young adults.


Since 2014, the commission has working groups on:

Pan African Women’s Ecumenical Empowerment Network

Youth and Inclusion

Network of Institutions of Higher Ecumenical Theological Education and Global Ecumenical Theological Institute.


The commission works closely with the Ecumenical Formation programme through its activities on:

  • Ecumenical theological education
  • Ecumenical Institute Bossey
  • Ecumenical continuing formation.

The commission leadership comprises Rev. Dr Rudolf von Sinner, Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil as moderator and Dr Esther Mombo, Anglican Church of Kenya as vice-moderator.  The commission meets on a semi-annual basis between the 10th and 11th assemblies, with meetings organised in 2015 and 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland and in 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.