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Rethinking Ecological Relationships in the Anthropocene era

11 - 13 February 2021

In the age of the Anthropocene, humans as the dominant species are driving significant and even irreversible environmental changes, thereby shaping the future of all living beings and our only planetary home. The complicated relationship between humans and ecosystems has often been mediated by economics and technology. Prevailing theologies and spiritualities have also molded these interactions.

Water and Faith: Mobilizing local faith actors to achieve SDG6

29 August 2019

The WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) sector is increasingly recognizing the value of engaging with faith actors. Correspondingly, numerous faith actors have expressed support for WASH programs and the SDGs. This fourth annual Water and Faith event at the World Water Week builds upon these trends and the last three years of dialogue at this event.

Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

Water and Faith day, at World Water Week

30 August 2018

The “Water and Faith” day, held on 30 August in Stockholm, Sweden, offers many opportunities to explore how faith-based groups can act in partnership with the public and private sectors to achieve water justice for all people. The day is observed during World Water Week, which this year runs from 26-31 August under the theme “Water, ecosystems and human development,” with over 3,000 registered participants from 135 countries.

Stockholm, Sweden

Water and Faith: Building partnerships to achieve the SDGs

30 August 2017

Organized as part of World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, the WCC invites faith-based organizations, congregations as individuals to a 30 August public event entitled “Water and Faith: Building partnerships to achieve the SDGs”. The event is an open session, organized by the WCC in collaboration with Church of Sweden, Global Water Partnership, Stockholm International Water Institute, and Swedish Institute Alexandria.

Stockholm, Sweden

WCC joins the Blue Community

25 October 2016

The WCC will receive the visit of the renowned water activist Dr Maude Barlow at the Ecumenical Centre to welcome the WCC into the “blue community”.

Visser’t Hooft Hall, Ecumenical Center, 150 Route de Ferney, Geneva