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WCC answers your questions about vaccines

On World Immunization Week, the World Council of Churches is joining UNICEF and other organizations across the world in encouraging vaccinations for global health. Below, Dr Mwai Makoka, WCC programme executive for Health and Healing, answers often-asked questions about vaccines. He provides some history of vaccines, reflections on the role of faith-based groups, and why children and others are so vulnerable if they don’t receive vaccines.

WCC Vaccine Champions ready to serve

When World Immunization Week kicks off on 24 April, nine church leaders from different continents will assume their roles as Vaccine Champions. They join a team of 300 specially assigned Vaccine Champions, mobilized by UNICEF, to raise awareness on the benefits of immunization. 

Let us pray together in the time of COVID-19

We pray in lament. We pray for our communities. We pray for our leaders. For protection. For healing.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) will convene a global online prayer service on 26 March at 2 pm (CET) as part of “A Week of Prayer in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Oremos juntos en estos tiempos de COVID-19

Oramos desde el lamento. Oramos por nuestras comunidades. Oramos por nuestros líderes. Por la protección. Por la sanación.

El Consejo Mundial de Iglesias (CMI) celebrará un servicio mundial de oración en línea el 26 de marzo a las 14.00 (hora central europea), en el marco de la semana de oración por la pandemia de COVID-19.

Las redes cristianas de salud apelan a la equidad y la solidaridad mundiales en el acceso a las vacunas contra la COVID-19

El Consejo Mundial de Iglesias (CMI) se ha unido a más de treinta organizaciones sanitarias cristianas para expresar preocupación por el acceso desigual a los servicios de salud y a las vacunas contra la COVID-19. En una declaración, las organizaciones instan a los gobiernos, la comunidad internacional y las empresas farmacéuticas a abordar esta cuestión.

Unprecedented times call for coordinated communication support

Clear and well-coordinated communications are crucial, particularly in times of trouble. The Ecumenical Communication Advisory Group (REO) held its first meeting of the new year on 13 January. On a monthly basis, communicators serving national and regional councils around the globe convene online with WCC communicators in Geneva and elsewhere to share the latest developments within their respective regions.

“Conflict Zones and Covid-19” webinar will offer a clarion call to compassion

A webinar hosted by the World Council of Churches (WCC) on 26 November will explore “Conflict Zones and Covid-19: A call to compassion.” Speakers from Cameroon, Nigeria, South Sudan, Lebanon, Belarus and Colombia will offer their insights on how conflict exacerbates the conditions for contracting and treating COVID-19 among civilians caught in the crossfire, especially women.

Bible study addresses church identity in pandemic

Among the massive social dislocations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps none is as plaintive as those to churches. Around the world, church gatherings, liturgies, fellowship, and service projects have been canceled or postponed or migrated online, precisely when Christian communities and those who rely on them need them most.