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Green church movement in India hinges on "a new generation with new values”

Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad was one of the pioneers who initiated the “green church” movement in India in the 1990s. Today, he is the director of the Ecological Concerns Department of the Church of South India (CSI). In an interview with the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Water Network, he talks about caring for life on earth as a spiritual commitment, about “greening” the church, and the importance of education for sustainable development.

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Seven Weeks for Water 2020, week 7: "Thirsty for justice", by Frances Namoumou and Netani Rika

The seventh and last reflection of the seven weeks for water 2020 of the WCC’s Ecumenical Water Network is written jointly  by Ms Frances Namoumou, Programmes Manager, and Mr Netani Rika, Communications Specialist, Pacific Conference of Churches.  In the following reflection they have analysed the water scarcity situation in the Pacific that is getting worsened by climate change with a justice perspective from the narratives of the persistent widow of the bible. They challenge us not to give up our “thirst for justice” under any circumstances.

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Seven Weeks for Water 2019, week 7: "Privatisation of water: an onslaught to the human right to water in Asia", by Ismael Fisco Jr.

The seventh and last reflection of the “Seven Weeks for Water 2019” of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Water Network is by Ismael Fisco Jr., a young adult from the United Methodist Church in the Philippines, and former Chairperson of the ecumenical youth movement Kalipunan ng Kristiyanong Kabataan sa Pilipinas (KKKP). He currently works as Director for an international digital publishing company while pursuing his Law degree. He writes for several publications and was part of the communication team of past General Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA). In this reflection, Ismael laments the recent water crisis in Manila, Philippines, which is his home country. Inspired by Isaiah 55:1, he argues that water should not be commodified and therefore must not be privatised. He proposes that the blue community is the way to go to address the water crisis.

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Seven Weeks for Water 2018, week 6: "The open taps in Latin America", by Prof. Dr Jerónimo Granados

The sixth reflection of the of the "Seven Weeks for Water", of World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Water Network, is by Prof. Dr Jerónimo Granados, an ordained pastor of the Evangelical Church of Río de La Plata. The following reflection recognises the promise of living water, the water that quenches the thirst of the world for Jesus Christ. However, he underscores the importance of the clean water to run through taps of people of Latin America which is vital for a dignified life. He also draws inspiration from the “Pachamama” of the native people of this region to respect and protect our waters.

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9.5 Theses for a new quest for unity and peace through Ecumenical Diakonia

9.5 Theses for a new quest for unity and peace through Ecumenical Diakonia (In the month commemorating 500 years of Reformation, a modest contribution to our joint reflection and actions for a new transformation of the world towards unity, justice and peace, might be expressed in one-tenth the number of theses that initiated the transformation called the “Reformation”.)

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