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From the heart - conversations with God online, and offline. A reflection by Marianne Ejdersten, Director of Communications for the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland

The year 2020 is one etched forever in our memories. The unimaginable happened when a virus seized the world. Vulnerability became the norm and fiction became reality. Overnight life became more precious for all of us, the world’s billions. Normality took a break; frustration set in. Everything we took for granted went on hold. Society closed; offices shut; schools halted; churches sealed their doors; the hemorrhaging of money accelerated from the public purse. Anxiety and the grip of fear cripple as the most vulnerable face worsening exposure. The pandemic is hitting the world hard. So, being a church in a time of vulnerability has huge relevance. As a present church, God’s presence in the world precedes all. It is in God that we live, feel, and exist. The mission of the church is to provide space for that presence at all of life’s stages.

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The WCC Executive Committee Statement: Attacks and Persecution of Christian Communities in Asia

Throughout history, religious communities living in contexts in which other religions predominate have been among the most vulnerable groups in society. In many parts of the world today, Christians in such contexts are among the most persecuted communities. With the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP) focus on Asia this year, we observe the challenges faced by Christian communities in several countries and territories in this region.

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