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Exhibition "12 faces of hope" in Geneva

18 September - 06 October 2017

On Monday, 18 September at 10:30, an exhibition of hope for justice and peace in the Holy Land will open at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva.

Ecumenical Centre, Geneva

Muslims and Christians pray together for just peace in Al Aqsa Mosque

Muslims and Christians were gathered together in Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on 27th July. Side-by-side for just peace in the Holy Land. After almost two weeks of tension, violence and killings in Jerusalem. Meetings between church leaders and the Islamic leadership inside the mosque plaza were cheered by the community even amid wafts of tear gas and the rumble of explosives from time to time. Catholic Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah, who was supposed to be heading the Christian delegation, was denied entry through Lions’ Gate and, instead, sent his message.

Faces of hope and moments of justice and peace

After 50 years of occupation, Palestinians in the Holy Land haven’t given up their hopes for freedom. Still, Palestinians – and many Israelis as well – hope. They hope that a nonviolent solution to the conflict will come, and that both peoples eventually will live together in peace and reconciliation.

Order of service for the World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel 2017

(Resources adapted from the Pentecost Prayer in Jerusalem): "Come, Spirit of Peace: A Global Day of Prayer for Just Peace in the Holy Land".
(Music included here reflects the original service in Jerusalem – other choices appropriate to the context could be made. The Pentecost theme need not be lost – we can call on the Spirit to come to our aid at any time, just as we call on the Spirit to bring peace and unity.)

WCC Programmes

After strong input in Holy Land, WCC plans to refine strategy for just peace

At the close of this week’s “Consultation on 50 Years of Occupation and the Ecumenical Response,” held in the Holy Land, World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit said input received at the meeting will influence the WCC as it refines its strategies and programmes related to just peace in Palestine and Israel.

WCC seeks #JusticeAndPeace in the Holy Land

Profiles of peacemakers and cries for justice for all the peoples in Israel and Palestine are featured in a World Council of Churches (WCC) campaign, Seek #JusticeAndPeace in the Holy Land, launched online today.

The report by the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit to the WCC executive committee, June 2017

In his report to the Executive Committee, WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit noted that we are living in a time when the purpose and the objectives of the WCC are highly relevant.

Based on these realities, there is a need for a new search for unity, he said. “Through the many dimensions of its work, the WCC contributes to the unity of the church, and the unity that the WCC is able to express, in turn, contributes to the unity of humankind.”

General Secretary

Holy work for the Holy Land

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel was launched by the WCC in 2002 based on an appeal from local church leaders to create an international presence in the country. So far, more than 1,800 ecumenical accompaniers have worked to create conditions for a just peace.

WCC general secretary meets with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas

On 26 February, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas formally received the general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit for a meeting to discuss just peace in Palestine and Israel. Abbas is scheduled for a speech at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, in the beginning of the week.

World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel (2017)

17 - 24 September 2017

During this week which includes the International Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September, church organizations, congregations, and people of faith are encouraged to bear a common witness by participating in worship services, educational events, and acts of support in favour of peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.