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Ecumenical spirit moves Bossey students at mass with Pope Francis

For students from the World Council of Churches's (WCC) Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, attending a Sunday mass at which Pope Francis presided in the Basilica of St Peter, Vatican during the week of Christian unity forged a special memory about bringing churches together.

In conversation with Christiane Ehrengruber: unveiling the power of prayer and identity

Meet Christiane Ehrengruber, a 27-year-old professional working in digital communication and social media for Evangelische Mission Weltweit in Germany. With a background in Protestant theology and a history of volunteering in university politics and international ecumenism, Ehrengrubers insights into the significance of prayer, the theme of Christian unity, and the challenges faced by churches provide a unique perspective on navigating faith in today's world.

Embracing unity, faith, and hope: a conversation with Samson Waweru

Samson Waweru, a visually impaired Kenyan, holds the position of executive director at the Kenya Society for the Blind. In this capacity, he is responsible for executing a comprehensive mandate aimed at assisting blind and visually impaired individuals in Kenya. His focus encompasses areas such as prevention, education, rehabilitation, employment, and overall welfare. Beyond his professional duties, Samson also serves as the vice-chair of the St Cosmas and Damianos Cathedral in Nairobi, showcasing his dedication to both his professional and spiritual obligations.

Bossey students to visit Rome, share common Christian heritage

Students from the World Council of Churches (WCC) Bossey Ecumenical Institute will begin an 8-day study visit to Rome on 19 January, with a full programme that includes lectures, tours of the Vatican, and opportunities to interact with leaders from the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity.

Semana de Oración por la Unidad de los Cristianos

18 - 25 January 2024

La Semana de Oración por la Unidad de los Cristianos, que se celebrará del 18 al 25 de enero (en el hemisferio norte) y del 21 al 28 de mayo (en el hemisferio sur), unirá a las iglesias del mundo bajo el tema “Amarás al Señor tu Dios... y a tu prójimo como a ti mismo” (Lucas 10:27).

Northern hemisphere

Semaine de prière pour l'unité des chrétiens

18 - 25 January 2024

La Semaine de prière pour l’unité des chrétiens, qui se déroule du 18 au 25 janvier dans l’hémisphère Nord et du 21 au 28 mai dans l’hémisphère Sud, rassemblera des Églises du monde entier sur le thème «Tu aimeras le Seigneur ton Dieu… et ton prochain comme toi-même» (Luc 10,27).

Northern hemisphere