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Give me my life, let me live

Christine, 23, is from the West Bank. She met a young man from Jerusalem when she was studying at one of the Palestinian universities in the West Bank. As their emotions towards each other grew by time and a sincere love flourished into their hearts, they decided to get engaged. At this point, they didn’t think of any barriers that might stand in front of them. 

WCC reaffirms importance of diaconal service and mission

Rev. Matthew Ross, who served as WCC programme executive for Diakonia and Capacity Building from 2018-2023, reflects on how the document Called to Transformation – Ecumenical Diakonia,” which he edited, is being received in ways that affirm the importance of diaconal service and mission.

What a woman!

These words described the dreams of the kind of woman a young woman aspires to be, illustrated by moving images of womens involvement in the history of the ecumenical movement. This performance poem was just part of an inspiring meeting of the women of the ecumenical movement that were present at the World Council of Churches (WCC) central committee meeting on 22 June.