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Advocacy and prophetic witness for metanoia

The Kanak concept of “Do Kamo: the authentic human in a permanent becoming”, emphasizes that true human nature is not a fixed state—not something one is born with, but rather an ongoing process of maturation. This is a metaphor for personal growth and transformation, as individuals let go of their past selves and embrace their true identities. This transformation symbolizes shedding our primitive natures and embracing the qualities and potentials of a Do Kamo.

Seven Weeks for Water 2023, week 5: "Water: a gift of God, a public good and a human right. Should we privatize it?", by Rev. Dr. Donald Bruce Yeates

Originally published in 2020, the fifth reflection of the seven weeks for water 2023 of the WCC’s Ecumenical Water Network is by Rev. Dr. Donald Bruce Yeates, a minister of Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church of Suva, Fiji and a consultant chaplain at The University of the South Pacific. Bruce has been active in the Pacific since 1975 as an academic in social work, community development and social policy having served at the University of Papua New Guinea and The University of the South Pacific. In the following  reflection he underlines the importance of human right to water and the onslaught of privatisation in the backdrop of  world’s most famous bottled water which comes from his home country, the “Fiji waters”.

Sieben Wochen im Zeichen des Wassers 2020, woche 4: "Wasser: Gabe Gottes, öffentliches Gut und Menschenrecht. Dürfen wir es privatisieren? ", Pastor. Dr. Donald Bruce Yeates

Die vierte Betrachtung zu den Sieben Wochen im Zeichen des Wassers 2020 des Ökumenischen Wassernetzwerks des ÖRK kommt von Pastor Dr. Donald Bruce Yeates, einem Geistlichen der Presbyterianischen Kirche St. Andrews von Suva, Fidschi und beratender Kaplan der University of the South Pacific. Bruce ist seit 1975 als akademische Lehrkraft für Sozialarbeit, Gemeindeentwicklung und Sozialpolitik im Pazifikraum tätig und hat an der University of Papua New Guinea und der University of the South Pacific gearbeitet. In den nachfolgenden Betrachtungen unterstreicht er die Bedeutung des Menschenrechts auf Wasser und den Ansturm der Privatisierung vor dem Hintergrund, dass das berühmteste in Flaschen abgefüllte Wasser der Welt, „Fiji Waters“, aus seinem Heimatland komm

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West Papuan Council of Churches issues a 'moral call’ for their people

For the people of the Indonesian province of West Papua, human rights have significantly deteriorated throughout 2019 and 2020, as demonstrated by the latest biennial report issued by the International Coalition for Papua. In this context, the West Papuan Council of Churches issued a moral call to the international community on behalf of their people.

Address by Prof Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri at the opening ceremony of Eco-School - Pacific (22 February 2021)

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are deeply privileged to conduct this Eco- School with all of you, with the youth from 5 different nations, in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Tonga and Vanuatu. We are truly blessed to join you, the Pacific youth, along with the global ecumenical family and partners for this opening ceremony. We are holding hands virtually, bridging the oceans, the geographic and time divide, and the disruptions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. We thank you, the Pacific youth, for your time and commitment.

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