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Eastern Orthodox leaders recommit themselves to dialogue

Patriarchs, primates and representatives of Eastern Orthodox churches recommitted themselves to overcome intra-Orthodox conflicts as well as to continue theological dialogues with Christians from other confessions at a 10-12 October meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

Final report of the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the WCC

"Final report of the Special Commission on Orthodox participation in the WCC" : The 60-member Special Commission was created by the WCC's eighth assembly in 1998 in response to mainly Orthodox concerns about participation in the Council. Composed of an equal number of representatives from Orthodox churches and from the other churches belonging to the WCC, the Commission submitted its final report to the central committee in September 2002.


Rapport final de la commission spéciale sur la participation des orthodoxe au COE

<< Rapport final de la Commission spéciale sur la participation des orthodoxes au COE >> : la Commission spéciale, qui compte 60 membres, a été créée en 1998 par la Huitième Assemblée du COE, en réponse à des préoccupations formulées principalement par les orthodoxes à propos de la participation au Conseil. Composée d'un nombre égal de représentants des Eglises orthodoxes et des autres Eglises appartenant au COE, la Commission a soumis son rapport final au Comité central en septembre 2002.


Working with people living with HIV/AIDS organizations

This document has been written to accompany World Council of Churches, Partnerships between Churches and People Living with HIV/AIDS Organizations: Guidelines, (2005). Whereas the partnership document explores the question of why churches should work with People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) organizations and networks, this document has a focus on how churches may work with PLWHA organizations and networks. For example: What issues do you need to think about? What are the needs of PLWHA? How should you interact PLWHA? It is hoped that this document of practical suggestions will assist in helping make partnerships functional and effective.

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