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Webinar - Past massacres in the Middle East

19 November 2021

A webinar on 19 November—part of an ongoing series—will remember past massacres that took place in the Middle East.


Youth Engagement, Religion and Violence

18 - 22 August 2016

Young people are very much affected by the violence and tensions along religious lines that we are witnessing today in the Middle East but also in Europe, Asia, North America. The seminar is an interfaith initiative jointly organized by the Egyptian Muslim Centre Al Azhar (mosque and university), and the WCC.

Cairo, Egypt

Regional Ecumenical Workshop on Advocacy for Peace

29 - 31 March 2016

The workshop aims at strengthening ecumenical advocacy for peace by bringing key stakeholders together to share existing initiatives and best practices on advocacy for peace in the Middle East and to develop a joint advocacy plan for peacebuilding in the Middle East.

Beirut, Lebanon - Attendance by invitation only.