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Churches will share perspectives on human dignity amidst escalating conflicts

Addressing the challenges for a common vision of churches on human rights today, the international conference “Christian Perspectives on Human Dignity and Human Rights” will take place on 9-12 April in Wuppertal, Germany. Everyone is invited to follow the public session of the conference on 11 April, when a panel of the keynote speakers will bring together biblical, theological and practical perspectives on human dignity.

مجلس الكنائس العالمي يعرب عن قلقه على التواجد المسيحي والشهادة للمسيحية في سوريا

في 5 نيسان/ أبريل، اجتمع ممثلو قيادة مجلس الكنائس العالمي وموظفيه مع ممثلين من الكنائس الأعضاء في سوريا الذين قدموا إلى المعهد المسكوني في بوسي للتشاور بشأن عمل مجلس الكنائس العالمي البرنامجي الطويل الأمد المتعلق بسوريا. وكان الأمين العام بالنيابة لمجلس الكنائس العالمي القس البروفيسور الدكتور يوان سوكا هو الداعي لعقد هذا الاجتماع. .

WCC expresses concern for Christian presence and witness in Syria

On 5 April, World Council of Churches (WCC) leadership and staff met with representatives of WCC member churches from Syria, who came to the Bossey Ecumenical Institute for consultations on the WCCs longstanding programmatic work relating to Syria. WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, was the convener of the meeting.

WCC renews call for release of archbishops of Aleppo

World Council of Churches acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca reiterated calls for the release of two Syrian archbishops, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi, who were kidnapped near Aleppo, Syria in April 2013.