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Las iglesias responden a las crecientes necesidades humanitarias en Ucrania y los países fronterizos

Acoger a refugiados, proporcionar alimentos, ayudar en hospitales y tocar las campanas de las iglesias como señal de alarma cuando comienza el fuego de artillería son algunas de las múltiples maneras en que las iglesias dan respuesta en Ucrania y los países fronterizos mientras continúa la guerra. Más de dos millones de personas han salido en tropel de Ucrania, y los cálculos de los grupos de socorro muestran que dieciocho millones de personas –una tercera parte de la población del país– necesitarán asistencia humanitaria.

Churches respond to growing humanitarian needs in Ukraine and bordering countries

Hosting refugees, providing food, helping in hospitals, and ringing church bells as a warning when shelling starts—these are some of the many ways churches are responding in Ukraine and bordering countries as the war continues. More than two million people have poured out of Ukraine, and estimates from relief groups show that 18 million people—a third of the countrys population—will need humanitarian assistance.

Voices of hope and faith - Sharing visions of living in harmony with nature

28 February 2022

The World Council of Churches, ACT Alliance, Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are proposing a panel discussion to highlight the work of faith communities and especially indigenous, women and young faith leaders in mobilizing collective global action to protect nature and biodiversity and deliver critical reflections on enhanced biodiversity governance for climate resilience and posterity.

Church and religious leaders worldwide pay tribute to Desmond Tutu’s life

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, one of the people who followed in the footsteps of Desmond Tutu as archbishop of Cape Town and Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa announced the death of the Arch” as he was affectionately known on 26 December, fittingly celebrated in South Africa as the Day of Goodwill.”

Book launch webinar: “Contemporary ecotheology, climate justice and environmental stewardship in world religions”

14 December 2021

Book Launch webinar with title “Contemporary ecotheology, climate justice and environmental stewardship in world religions” (ECOTHEE. VOL. 6) from the 6th edition of Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics (ECOTHEE) conference, that was held under the Auspices of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and with the support of the World Council of Churches (WCC) programme on Care for Creation, sustainability and climate justice (Ecological and Economic Justice) at the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

NIFEA E-Conference: Degrowth - Living Sufficiently and Sustainably

01 October 2021

Organised by the Council for World Mission (CWM), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), World Council of Churches (WCC) and World Methodist Council (WMC) under the New International Financial and Economic Architecture (NIFEA) initiative, the NIFEA E-conference on “Degrowth - Living Sufficiently and Sustainably” will be a space to discuss and unpack various visions of “de-growth” or “post-growth” with a view to addressing the urgent eco-crisis and pandemic of inequality besetting the planet today.  

El CMI felicita a la Rev. Anne Burghardt, nueva secretaria general de la Federación Luterana Mundial

El secretario general en funciones del Consejo Mundial de Iglesias, Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sauca, felicitó calurosamente a la Rev. Anne Burghardt, que será la nueva secretaria general de la Federación Luterana Mundial (FLM). La recientemente electa secretaria general Rev. Anne Burghardt será la primera mujer y la primera pastora de Europa Central y del Este que dirigirá la FLM.