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International Dialogues in Dialogue: Context and Reception. Tenth Forum on Bilateral Dialogues, 2012

Meeting for the first time outside Europe, the tenth Forum on Bilateral Dialogues met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in March 2012. Following the recommendations on the reception of ecumenical texts from the ninth forum, the meeting in Dar Es Salaam gave special attention to the reception of the achievements of the bilateral dialogues in the Global South. Its recommendations urge the international theological dialogues to be more intentional about questions of membership, methodology, and theological questions about Christian unity that emerge from the variety of contexts in the South.

Commission on Faith and Order

Many ways to Christian unity? The Ninth Forum on Bilateral Dialogues, 2008

Bilateral dialogues are official talks between two Christian churches or families of churches (often known as Christian World Communions, CWCs). They aim at overcoming inherited divergences often related to doctrine and church order, so that the two partners in dialogue may move to declaring that they are in fellowship. The proliferation of bilateral dialogues as from the 1960s has led to the creation of the Forum on Bilateral Dialogues. The Forum provides space and time for CWCs engaged in bilateral dialogues to exchange information, consult together on emerging issues and trends and reflect on the coherence and integrity of the dialogues. The ninth such forum was held in Breklum, Germany, 10-15 March 2008.

Commission on Faith and Order

75 Jahre "Glauben und Kirchenverfassung" - Festakt in Lausanne

Mit einem Festakt und einem ökumenischen Gottesdienst hat der Ökumenische Rat der Kirchen (ÖRK) am Sonntag, 25. August, in Lausanne an die erste Weltkonferenz für Glauben und Kirchenverfassung vor 75 Jahren erinnert. Die Bewegung für Glauben und Kirchenverfassung lieferte wesentliche Impulse für die Gründung des ÖRKs 1948 in Amsterdam und zur Einrichtung einer Kommission unter dieser Bezeichnung.