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The COVID-19 pandemic and community life: reflections and challenges

The Greek word Koinonia, which Paul especially uses in the New Testament, translates as community, communion, union, fellowship, participation, among other meanings. The term "solidarity" expresses the meaning of Koinonia. The community based on solidarity seeks peace, justice, well-being, the Shalom of the people. The word "coexistence" can also be equivalent of Koinonia, because it means to live in unity for several generations under the same roof or house. The "coexistence" leads us to take care of the integrity of creation, to recognize that we are not the only inhabitants of this house.

World Communion of Reformed Churches executive committee convenes

Vibrant opening worship held at Luyanó Presbyterian Reformed Church in Havana, Cuba marked the beginning of the executive committee meeting of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Havana, Cuba from 7-13 May. The meeting was hosted by the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba, a member church of the WCC.

El Comité Ejecutivo de la Comunión Mundial de Iglesias Reformadas se reúne

El emocionante culto de apertura celebrado en la Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada de Luyanó, La Habana, Cuba, marcó el inicio de la reunión del comité ejecutivo de la Comunión Mundial de Iglesias Reformadas en La Habana, Cuba, del 7 al 13 de mayo. La reunión fue organizada por la Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada de Cuba, una iglesia miembro del CMI.