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Struggles for Justice in an Ambiguous World

Bible study on 1 Kings 21:1-22 by Sarojini Nadar for the WCC Assembly, 6 November 2013: The story of Naboth’s vineyard challenges the concept of justice in our society. It introduces God’s justice for the affirmation of life, a measure beyond the economic logic of King Ahab in the name of efficiency and productivity. The text can also guide us in dealing with current issues of injustice in the global market and in discerning how to live out God’s justice to safeguard life.


Alternative globalization addressing people and earth - AGAPE

"Alternative globalization addressing people and earth - A call to love and action" : Prepared by the WCC commission for Justice, Peace and Creation, this call "to love and action" invites the churches to act together for transformation of economic injustice and to continue analyzing and reflecting on challenges of economic globalization and the link between wealth and poverty.