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Visiting Ghana, WCC president from North America presents “Ahead of her Time” awards and recognition of Achimota Secondary School

Rev. Dr Angelique Keturah Walker-Smith, World Council of Churches (WCC) president from North America, visited Ghana to present the Ahead of Her Time awards and the related book to renowned women leaders, past and present. She also had opportunity to visit the Achimota Secondary School which contributed to the ecumenical and leadership formation of these leaders.

How a "concrete block” holds the heart of Christian unity

As the Ecumenical Centre moves into the Green Village, the change means a more environmentally sustainable workplace for the World Council of Churches (WCC), as well as an opportunity to keep some of the most treasured aspects of the Ecumenical Centre—especially its spirit of unity, inclusivity, and mystique!

His Beatitude Anastasios shares message of resilience and courage

His Beatitude Anastasios, archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, shares a message for the World Council of Churches (WCC) global fellowship, between the Orthodox Easter and Pentecost. In todays world, the message notes: The invoking of Christs name has no place in plans of political expediency and oppression of individuals and peoples.”

Anastasios, an honorary member of the Academy of Athens and a former WCC president, with more than six decades in the ecumenical movement, is known as a herald of peace and wisdom in inter-religious and international circles.