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New and Emerging Technologies, Ethical Challenges (statement)

The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love (Psalm 33:5)

New technologies are transforming our world and the multiple spaces in which we live, work and witness. These technologies offer us new ways to create, to heal, to communicate, and to navigate the world. However, many such technologies, while undoubtedly offering actual or potential advances in human wellbeing, have also raised concerns regarding their social and environmental impacts and ethical implications, especially in light of the rapidity of their development and application.

Executive committee

Study at Bossey Ecumenical Institute apply online

The Bossey Ecumenical Institute is inviting prospective students to apply for the autumn semester 2023-24. Applicants interested in ecumenical formation at Bossey will explore the opportunity to combine academic and experiential learning within a diverse global cohort.

WCC delegation visits Humanitarian Aid Center in Moscow and Theological Academy in Sergiev Posad

During its travels in Moscow, a World Council of Churches (WCC) delegation visited the Humanitarian Aid Center, a church initiative which started in March 2022, after the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Most of the refugees from Ukraine who arrive in Moscow have friends or relatives in the Russian capital. Nevertheless, their need is great. Around 500 people knock at the door of the Refugee Centre every day. At the refugee drop-in centre, they receive daily necessities, basic food, products for personal hygiene and, if they do have children, the necessary basic equipment for them. Many of the people who come to the drop-in centre suffer from psychological problems and traumatic experiences. After initial treatment, they are referred to professionals.

Bossey reunion at the 11th assembly

It was one of the first days of the 11th assembly when I met an old Bossey friend. We had not seen each other for 24 years, although it felt we met yesterday. We shared memories of our Graduate School of Ecumenical Studies in Bossey in 1998 and remembered the names of our friends. We spoke about Bossey as a life-changing experience for both of us.