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Junge Erwachsene bereiten sich auf ihre zukünftige Rolle als Stewards auf der 11. Vollversammlung des ÖRK vor

Eine vielfältige Auswahl von 26 jungen Erwachsenen, die als Stewards auf der 11. Vollversammlung des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen zum Einsatz kommen sollen, haben vom 14. bis zum 16. Juni im Rahmen eines Online-Treffens an einer Orientierungsveranstaltung zum Stewards-Programm und zur ökumenischen Bildung teilgenommen, die Aufklärungsarbeit leisten, Führungsqualitäten entwickeln und die globale Solidarität stärken sollte und gleichzeitig als Vorbereitung der Teilnahme an zukünftigen großen ÖRK-Veranstaltungen diente. 

WCC welcomes new staff

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has welcomed new staff members Rev. Nathan Day Wilson and Dr Masiiwa Ragies Gunda.

WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca warmly greeted them as they began to serve in their particular functions.

Faith(s) Seeking Justice

Dialogue and Liberation

Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the WCC’s Programme on Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation, this volume celebrates a common confidence that dialogue can be linked to liberation in ways that can be both faithful and fruitful.

From the Introduction: “The heartbeat of this book is its concern to reimagine interreligious dialogue as a “dialogue of and for life” by interlinking it with liberation. What drives it is a passion that seeks to hold together two distinct concerns that emerged within theological thinking during the latter half of the 20th century and have since freed theological imagination in manifold ways.”

Week of Prayer brings fruits of the Spirit despite COVID-19

Prayer is a powerful way to be united as Christians from all over the world. Every year my church community in Cuba joins the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with daily devotions and a special worship service, usually on Sundays. Being connected in the same prayerful spirit around a common text that turns into so many testimonies of faith is truly a gift of the Spirit and an ecumenical commitment.

The Bossey chapel, a safe space for celebration in times of pandemic

With well over a year past since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Easter celebrations in 2021 were bound to be unusual. Yet even amid such circumstances, the Ecumenical Institute chapel at Château de Bossey saw students and faculty gather to mark Orthodox Easter last Saturday evening.

WCC announces winners of essay competition for bringing fresh views on interreligious dialogue

Essays by five young theologians representing different church traditions have been chosen as the winning entries in an essay writing competition organised to mark the 50th anniversary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Office of Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation. Chosen by an international panel of judges from the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey and the WCC, the essays cover a range of themes and perspectives related to the topic of the competition, The Future of Interreligious Dialogue.”

Workshop charts future directions for mission thinking in next generation

Eighteen participants representing 16 World Council of Churches (WCC) member churches and ecumenical mission partners from 14 countries engaged in a missional formation workshop on 15-16 April in collaboration with the WCC Bossey Ecumenical Institute.

The workshop, designed to facilitate the contribution of young leadership, was coordinated by the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism under the theme “Young Leadership in Mission.”