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A journey through advocacy, women's leadership, and the Korea peace appeal

The call for peace in Korea has resonated for decades, echoing across international borders and faith communities. Patti Talbot, who has served The United Church of Canada for nearly 30 years, sheds light on the enduring relevance of ecumenical advocacy efforts for peace in the Korean Peninsula. She shared insights into the importance of these efforts and their potential to change the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Weaving the web of peace and justice: a journey for reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula

In an exclusive interview, a prominent figure in the field of peace and justice, the former general secretary of National Council of Churches in Korea and former executive secretary for the Christian Conference of Asia, Rev. Hong-Jung Lee, shared insights into his journey and experiences working towards peace and justice in the Korean Peninsula. Drawing on his extensive experience and involvement in various ecumenical organizations, he shed light on the importance of healing, reconciliation, and the role of churches and Christians in advancing peace in Korea.

Le COE soutient les Églises de Corée dans la campagne pour la paix en Corée

L’année 2023 marque le 70e anniversaire de la signature du cessez-le-feu de la guerre de Corée. Dans ce contexte, le Conseil œcuménique des Églises appelle les Églises du monde entier à se joindre au plaidoyer pour la paix en Corée, une campagne en faveur du passage d’un accord d’armistice à un traité de paix pour la péninsule coréenne.

WCC supports Korean churches in the Korea Peace Appeal campaign

As year 2023 marks the 70th anniversary of establishing a ceasefire in the Korean War, the World Council of Churches (WCC) calls on churches worldwide to join advocacy for the Korea Peace Appeal, campaign promoting the transition from armistice agreement to peace treaty for Korean Peninsula.

WCC acting general secretary visits member churches in Korea

Amid rising military tensions on the Korean Peninsula, a World Council of Churches (WCC) delegation visited member churches in Korea to express continuing solidarity of the global ecumenical fellowship with the churches of Korea searching for peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

Korean church leaders reflect on reconciliation: “the people’s power should be the main strategy”

The following feature begins a series of reflections from churches in different countries on "reconciliation" in the midst of conflict and division, following the theme of the World Council of Churches (WCC) 11th Assembly, Christs love moves the world to reconciliation and unity.” As the WCC commits to working together as a fellowship on a Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity,” these stories explore how deepened relationships can lead to understanding and radical change.

WCC 11th Assembly presents minute on building peace on the Korean Peninsula

The World Council of Churches (WCC) 11th Assembly presented a minute on ending the war and building peace on the Korean Peninsula. The minute notes that the WCC 10th Assembly in Busan, South Korea, drew the attention of the worldwide ecumenical movement to the ongoing search for peace, reconciliation and reunification of the divided Korean people.