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Foi, prière et amour du prochain: le parcours d’Eri Yoon

Nous vous présentons Eri Yoon, une universitaire passionnée de Corée du Sud dont le parcours mêle foi, musique et attachement sans faille aux principes de l’amour et de l’unité. Partageant les intuitions profondes qu’elle a tirées de sa riche expérience, la doctorante évoque le pouvoir transformateur de la prière, l’importance d’aimer son prochain et l’espérance que fait naître l’amour sans fin de Dieu.

Faith, prayer, and neighborly Love: Eri Yoon's journey

Meet Eri Yoon, a passionate scholar from South Korea with a journey that intertwines faith, music, and an unwavering commitment to the principles of love and unity. Currently amid her Ph.D. candidacy, Yoon shares profound insights from her rich experiences, focusing on the transformative power of prayer, the significance of loving one's neighbor, and the hope embedded in God's boundless love.

WCC accompaniers return to the Holy Land to witness life under occupation

Six ecumenical accompaniers have returned to Palestine and Israel, resuming in-person operations for the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. Ecumenical accompaniers, who were evacuated beginning of October 2023, had been continuing their support and accompaniment online. 

«Dieu fortifie les réfugié-e-s et les déplacé-e-s»

Le 12 décembre, lors d’une cérémonie interreligieuse, des réfugié-e-s, des responsables religieux et des représentant-e-s de l’Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugié-e-s se sont réuni-e-s en la Chapelle du Centre œcuménique pour prier, chanter et s’écouter attentivement. Intitulée «This is My Story, This is My History» («Récits et Histoires de vie»), cette cérémonie a été émaillée de prières de différentes traditions, notamment, les traditions bouddhiste, juive, bahá’íe, musulmane, hindoue et chrétienne.

Religious leaders uniting for climate peace in solidarity with refugees, boost UN conference

The moment religious leaders from around 40 faith-based organisations worldwide agreed to keep defending the individual right to seek asylum during a gathering in Geneva marked a high point on the eve of the Global Refugee Forum, the world's biggest such international gathering.They met at a one-day event on 12 December at the World Council of Churches (WCC), chaired by an Armenian archbishop and a UN diplomat who was once a Turkish legislator.

Engaging climate justice: WCC Eco-School

Students who recently completed the WCC Eco School in Crete, Greece, took time to compile their reflections on how the experience helped them hone their messages and actions related to climate justice and a transition to green energy. This is first of a series of blog entries from Eco School students.