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Joint Report of the Ecumenical Indigenous Peoples Network Reference Group and the Working Group on Climate Change of the World Council of Churches

This joint report emphasises the work of the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Ecumenical Indigenous Peoples Network Reference Group and the Working Group on Climate Change. It affirms that Indigenous perspectives are crucial not only for addressing the burgeoning climate emergency but also for navigating the way forward to a hopeful post-COVID, post-growth and post-fossil fuel future and calls on the WCC to address this at the 11th WCC Assembly and relevant preassemblies.

WCC Programmes

Water and justice at the WCC 11th Assembly

“The global water crisis is not simply about dealing with scarcity, it’s about fighting inequality and discrimination, about addressing blatant mismanagement and often also corruption.” For Bishop Arnold Temple, chair of the WCC Ecumenical Water Network, this is why it is so important for churches to keep raising awareness and speaking up about water being a matter of justice and rights. "It's great to see that the importance of water and the churches' commitment to water justice are going to be reflected in the programme of the upcoming WCC 11th Assembly", Temple notes. 

African faiths launch climate change justice network

On 23 June, at a climate change consultation in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, African faith leaders launched a climate justice network to coordinate their work and increase visibility, as the first respondents to ecological crises at the grassroots.

Le Comité central du COE demande la création d'une nouvelle commission et des mesures plus urgentes en matière de changement climatique

Dans une déclaration sur le changement climatique, le Comité central du Conseil œcuménique des Églises (COE) a demandé expressément à la 11e Assemblée et aux organes directeurs du COE d'envisager «la création d'une nouvelle Commission sur le changement climatique et le développement durable afin de mettre l'accent sur cette question en cette période charnière».