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WCC Commission on Faith and Order

02 - 07 February 2024

The World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission on Faith and Order will convene in Tondano, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, from 2-7 February for its first in-person meeting since being elected by the WCC central committee in June 2023. 


WCC sees firsthand those most affected by conflict in Colombia

World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay met with Colombian minister of the interior Luis Fernando Velasco on 13 December in Bogota to talk about the government's efforts to seek social, economic, and environmental justice.

Les responsables religieux-ses s’unissent pour la paix climatique, en solidarité avec les personnes réfugiées, et encouragent la conférence de l’ONU

Les responsables religieux-ses d’une quarantaine d’organisations confessionnelles du monde entier se sont mis-es d’accord pour continuer à défendre le droit individuel de demande d’asile, lors d’une réunion à Genève. C’était un moment fort à la veille du Forum mondial sur les réfugiés, le plus grand rassemblement international de ce type au monde. Ils et elles se sont réuni-e-s le 12 décembre, au Conseil œcuménique des Églises (COE), sous la présidence d’un archevêque arménien et d’une diplomate des Nations unies, ancienne législatrice turque.

Religious leaders uniting for climate peace in solidarity with refugees, boost UN conference

The moment religious leaders from around 40 faith-based organisations worldwide agreed to keep defending the individual right to seek asylum during a gathering in Geneva marked a high point on the eve of the Global Refugee Forum, the world's biggest such international gathering.They met at a one-day event on 12 December at the World Council of Churches (WCC), chaired by an Armenian archbishop and a UN diplomat who was once a Turkish legislator.

“God empowers refugees and displaced people"

During an inter-religious ceremony, refugees, religious leaders, and UN Refugee Agency representatives gathered on 12 December in the Ecumenical Centre chapel to pray, sing, and listen deeply to one another. Titled This is My Story, This is My History,” the ceremony offered prayers from various traditions including Buddhist, Jewish, Bahá’í, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian.

Inter-Religious Ceremony for Peace in Solidarity with Refugees

12 December 2023

Refugees, regionally diverse international and local religious leaders, faith representatives and institutions will gather for a special ceremony of inter-religious prayer, co-curated by the Plateforme InterReligieuse de Genève, and the World Council of Churches, as part of the event “Religious Leaders Unite for Climate Peace in Solidarity with Refugees”, linked to the Global Refugee Forum.

Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Religious leaders will gather for 2023 Global Refugee Forum linked event

Religious leaders will gather on 12 December for an event linked to the Global Refugee Forum. Hosted by the UNHCR, the World Council of Churches (WCC), and Religions for Peace (RfP) at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, the programme is entitled: “Religious Leaders Unite for Climate Peace in Solidarity with Refugees.”

Director’s address, Faith and Order Meeting, 27 November 2023

It is often said that “Bad news travels fast.” Indeed, it is hard not to be focused on the difficulties and harsh challenges we are facing in today’s world. In a digital village that we live in, where every piece of news is spread quickly, the worst news takes center stage. “We live in a time of profound crisis”, “The world is as disunited as ever”, “Society is polarized!” are just some of the everyday remarks describing the present condition. 

Commission on Faith and Order