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GEM School 2023 - Invitation to Apply

In order to strengthen the voice of the churches with regards to global economics, a group of up to 20 current and future leaders representing the churches will have the opportunity to attend the Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management (GEM School) for an Economy of Life in Nairobi, Kenya (TBC) from 19 until 30 August 2024.

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Olive harvest fact sheet, October 2023

Olive trees are more than just a source of food for many Palestinian families; the trees are treated with great care because Palestinians have a deep connection to their land. Olive picking has always been a family activity in October and November each year. Olive trees are seen as an integral component of Palestinian history, culture, and religious identity.

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NIFEA Communiqué

We, the members of communities including social thinkers, clergy, theologians, activists, and community leaders representing social organizations, ecumenical institutions, and religious traditions, gathered under the aegis of the New International Financial Economic Architecture (NIFEA). We met at a time when leaders of the G20 were also gathering to deliberate on the future of this planet.

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