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WCC honored with Bridge Builder Award 2021

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is receiving a Bridge Builder Award for building bridges of understanding between people, nations, and communities at national and international levels. The award is presented by the Jury of the 14th August Committee Norway together with The Oslo Center.

Role of religion being questioned in public event in Norway

This week Norwegians are gathering to discuss a large variety of political topics during an event called “Arendalsuka”. Nearly 80 000 people are filling the small town of Arendal with seminars, debates, exhibitions and events. During this week The Christian Council of Norway wanted to arrange an ecumenical worship, but the event was rejected by the main organizer of the week. Their reason for rejecting a worship was that the week is supposed to be open to all – regardless of faith or political view.

Religion: Way of war or path to peace?

From Paris to Pakistan, Orlando to Myanmar, Iraq to Nigeria, each day witnesses conflict and violence perpetrated in the name of religion or committed against persons because of their religious identity.

COP21: “A moment of truth”

“The political leaders of the world are speaking like preachers. May they continue as believers,” said the WCC general secretary at the opening of the UN climate talks in Paris.