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African faiths launch climate change justice network

On 23 June, at a climate change consultation in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, African faith leaders launched a climate justice network to coordinate their work and increase visibility, as the first respondents to ecological crises at the grassroots.

Dr Elizabeth Joy’s message to the WCC: “We have created history”

Dr Elizabeth Joy was the first woman ever to be shortlisted as a nominee for the general secretary of the World Council of Churches. A director at Churches Together in England, she is from the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. She grew up in both India and the United Kingdom. Below, during an interview held the day after the WCC elections, she reflects on her roots in the ecumenical movement, and on her message to the WCC.

Regarding false media reporting on Israel and Dr Pillay

Since the election in mid-June of Rev. Dr Prof. Jerry Pillay as new World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary, concerns have been raised, predominantly in Jewish media, about his position on Israel and the Jewish communities and their faith.

Peace churches call for “more creativity in our peacebuilding”

We are asked to reflect on the World Council of Churches (WCC) central committee and the WCC 11th Assembly,” said Janet Scott, Friends World Committee for Consultation, as she prepared to facilitate the confessional meeting of the Moravian and historic peace churches on the first day of the central committee meeting. Our historic peace church way to reflect is to consider how to further the cause of peace.”

Assembly leadership meeting convenes at Bossey

An assembly leadership meeting is convening at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute from 20-21 June to continue preparing for the WCC 11th Assembly with the delegates and presidents nominated to lead assembly business, assembly committees and thematic plenaries. The meeting will introduce the assembly business agenda and provide training on the conduct of WCC meetings, including consensus decision-making.

Заявление Центрального Комитета ВСЦ о войне в Украине: «Война со всеми убийствами и печальными последствиями, которые она влечет за собой, противоречит самой Божьей природе»

Осуждая незаконную и неоправданную войну, «навязанную народу и суверенному государству Украины», Центральный комитет Всемирного совета церквей (ВСЦ) выразил сожаление по поводу «ужасающего и возрастающего числа жертв, разрушений и перемещений, разорванных отношений и еще более глубоко укоренившейся враждебности между народами этого региона, усиления конфронтации  глобального масштаба, повышенного риска голода в регионах с низким уровнем продовольственной безопасности, экономических трудностей, а также повышенной социальной и политической нестабильности во многих странах».