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Week of Prayer brings fruits of the Spirit despite COVID-19

Prayer is a powerful way to be united as Christians from all over the world. Every year my church community in Cuba joins the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with daily devotions and a special worship service, usually on Sundays. Being connected in the same prayerful spirit around a common text that turns into so many testimonies of faith is truly a gift of the Spirit and an ecumenical commitment.

The COVID-19 pandemic and community life: reflections and challenges

The Greek word Koinonia, which Paul especially uses in the New Testament, translates as community, communion, union, fellowship, participation, among other meanings. The term "solidarity" expresses the meaning of Koinonia. The community based on solidarity seeks peace, justice, well-being, the Shalom of the people. The word "coexistence" can also be equivalent of Koinonia, because it means to live in unity for several generations under the same roof or house. The "coexistence" leads us to take care of the integrity of creation, to recognize that we are not the only inhabitants of this house.

En images: Semaine de prière pour l’unité chrétienne

Les prières pour l’unité ont pris une autre allure cette année, mais elles n’ont pas été arrêtées par les restrictions généralisées sur les rassemblements en face à face. Des cartes de prières aux réflexions personnelles, des rassemblements en ligne aux nouvelles connexions, les images illustrent dans le monde entier la richesse spirituelle d’une famille œcuménique qui s’est réunie dans la prière.

In pictures: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Prayers for unity took on a different look and feel this year, but they weren’t stopped by widespread restrictions on face-to-face gatherings. From prayer cards to personal reflections, online gatherings to new connections, the images worldwide convey the spiritual richness of an ecumenical family that came together in prayer.

Is God present - even amid hurricane’s wrath?

Rev. Kelli Jolly, like many Bahamians, is used to living through the possibility of multiple hurricanes, year after year. She serves as itinerant presbyter with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, Bahamas/Turks and Caicos Islands District, Nassau Circuit of Churches.

Dieu est-il présent, même dans le déferlement d’un ouragan?

La pasteure Kelli Jolly, à l’instar de nombreuses personnes aux Bahamas, est habituée à vivre avec le possible passage de multiples ouragans, année après année. Elle officie en tant que presbytérienne itinérante pour l’Église méthodiste des Caraïbes et des Amériques, le district des îles Bahamas/Turques et Caïque, et le circuit ecclésial de Nassau.

Workshop in Jamaica focuses on human rights

The World Council of Churches, working with the Jamaica Council of Churches and Caribbean and North America Council for Mission, offered a training in Jamaica to help people cope with violence against children, particularly sexual violence, gang-related violence, and gun violence.

“If this is the ecumenical movement I want to be in!”

Rev Prof. Dr Ofelia Ortega Suárez is a retired professor of Theology and Gender, and Christian Ethics for the Reformed-Presbyterian Church in Cuba. Ortega Suárez was born in Cuba. After her undergraduate studies in Theology and Christian Education at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas, she completed her post-graduate studies in Ecumenical Theology at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Institute at Bossey. She returned to Cuba and obtained her master's degrees in Divinity and Education.

Trinidad and Tobago church challenges plastic pollution

Turtles, both in the Caribbean and elsewhere, are becoming increasingly confused. Their main prey of jelly fish doesn’t taste the same nowadays and is much more difficult to digest. Often, turtles die after having ingested plastic bags they thought were jelly fish.

Les Églises de Trinité-et-Tobago défient la pollution plastique

Les tortues, des Caraïbes ou d’ailleurs, perdent de plus en plus le Nord. Leur principale proie, la méduse, n’a plus le même goût ces derniers temps, il est aussi plus difficile de la digérer. Bien souvent, les tortues meurent après avoir ingéré des sacs en plastique qu’elles avaient pris pour des méduses.

Jamaica vantage point for Caribbean ecumenism

A warm welcome with cheers and high expectations awaited WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit when he touched down in Kingston earlier this week. The Jamaican capital was the first stop of a 10-day tour in the Caribbean.

La Jamaïque, poste d’observation de l’œcuménique dans les Caraïbes

Un accueil chaleureux, des applaudissements et de grandes attentes pour l’arrivée du secrétaire général du Conseil œcuménique des Églises (COE), le pasteur Olav Fykse Tveit, à Kingston en début de semaine. La capitale jamaïcaine est la première étape d’une tournée de 10 jours dans les Caraïbes.

Thursdays in Black rally renews determination to strive for justice

During an open air common prayer event held in Nelson Mandela Park in Kingston, Jamaica on 4 October, women and men processed and sang, most of them dressed in black as they renewed and expanded their commitment to the Thursdays in Black campaign seeking a world free from rape and violence.

Linette Vassel: “We need to examine power more deeply as women”

Linette Vassel has been associated with the struggle for women’s rights in the Caribbean since the 1970s. She was the first coordinator of the Committee of Women for Progress, an activist organisation formed in 1976 which was among the pioneering organisations for the struggle for maternity leave with pay for women.