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„Wir brauchen keine weiteren netten Worte – wir brauchen Taten“

Als sechsjähriger Junge begann Abu El Walid Dajani, seinem Vater bei der Leitung des New Imperial Hotels am Jaffator in Jerusalem zu helfen. Die historische Liegenschaft gehört dem Griechisch-Orthodoxen Patriarchat und war bereits vor 1967 als Hotelbetrieb an Dajanis Familie verpachtet. Dajani ist heute 77 Jahre alt und Hotelmanager. Nun droht ihm aber die Zwangsräumung. Das Leben, das seine Familie seit Generationen kennt, läuft aus dem Ruder.

Manager of New Imperial Hotel in Jerusalem: “We don’t need any more sympathy—we need action”

As a six-year-old boy, Abu El Walid Dajani began helping his father manage the New Imperial Hotel near Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem. The historic property is owned by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, and leased before 1967 to the Dajani family to run as a hotel.  Now 77, Dajani has become the manager. But the threat of eviction is derailing a way of life his family has known for generations.

Senior friends of WSCF: revisiting the past, creating a future

In 1895, student leaders from ten North American and European countries met at Vadstena Castle in Sweden to form the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF). Among its founders were John R. Mott (US), Karl Fries (Sweden), Martin Eckhoff (Norway), Luther D. Wishard (US), Johannes Siemsen (Germany), and J. Rutter Williamson (UK). The WSCF was the first international student organization and together with YMCA and YWCA, it is one of the oldest youth movements still in existence. 

WSCF 37th General Assembly: Rejoicing in Hope

The 37th Word Student Christian Federation  (WSCF) General Assembly officially kicked off  in Berlin with the theme, "Rejoice in Hope" (Romans 12:12), and a sub-theme of "Young People, Journeying Together Toward Justice and Peace.” Over 100 movements from 94 countries will attend this years assembly along with senior friends, partners, and guests from 24 -30 June.

Borders and Migrants

On 20 May 2022, a group of us, 14 pilgrims from different parts of the world (Kenya, Brussels, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, Poland, Rome, Korea, Canada, Fiji, Australia, London, Scotland, and Geneva—a very diverse group) gathered in Palermo, Italy for a Pilgrim Team Visit on the theme of migration. 

Falsche Medienberichte betreffend Israel und Dr. Pillay

Seit Pastor Prof. Dr. Jerry Pillay Mitte Juni als neuer Generalsekretär des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen (ÖRK) gewählt wurde, äußern vorwiegend jüdische Medien Bedenken in Bezug auf seine Haltung zu Israel und den jüdischen Gemeinschaften und ihrem Glauben.

Regarding false media reporting on Israel and Dr Pillay

Since the election in mid-June of Rev. Dr Prof. Jerry Pillay as new World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary, concerns have been raised, predominantly in Jewish media, about his position on Israel and the Jewish communities and their faith.